2H: Providing Property Assessment at Affordable Prices

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Planning to buy a property or investing in one never comes easy, as it is a big decision that involves careful analysis and effective evaluation. It often happens that people buy property thinking that they would be able to sell it at a good price later on, however, that’s not the case most of the time. Well, 2H is one of the leading firms who can help you in property assessment (avaliacao imovel) and make sure you invest in the right property! They have all the tools and strategies to make sure that you are renting the right property or buy the appropriate one; they do the entire math for you!The expert team at 2H is comprised of well experienced engineers who make a property evaluation report (laudo de avaliacao) by precisely investigating and coming down to a final report. Moreover, they also offer Multidisciplinary Analysis wherein the legal, economic and engineering technicians are involved in the preparation of the report to make the assessment task hassle free for you. They also have experience in serving the public sector (executive and judiciary); large and small; and individuals. If you reside in Brazil and want to rent or buy a house, apartment or a land, then, Team 2H will provide the accurate calculation and proper assessment to guarantee financial transactions as per the building standard and location.They assess property (avaliar imovel) and do evaluation of Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate, Rural Homes, Machines and Equipments and Companies. For Companies, they determine the market value based on the cash flow method with their discounted equity position. For Machines and Equipments the process of evaluation is using the Comparative Method, Playback or Discounted Cash Flow, issuing ART.They believe in delivering an amazing customer experience, providing efficient Neighborhood Report in which, you get real condition of the surrounding property along with considering future developments or reforms. Also, some of the key benefits in procurement are: Decreased dispute between neighbors on responsibilities about cracks and infiltrations, Alert or comfort to the resident / trader / industry on the current stage of anomalies of criticality in its construction.So if you are planning for an investment in real estate then checking with 2H is going to add some extra benefits and will give you an idea whether, you are making the right move or not!For Further Information, Visit: http://www.2he.com.br/.


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