Explore the Best Ways of Debt Settlement with Ooraa.org

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Ooraa.org is the fastest growing debt settlement firm which is familiar with the methods exercised by IRS in order to gather back taxes. Ooraa.org can help you curtail the problem when IRS notifies the bank about the impending levy and consequently sends you an official assessment letter about their intent to levy. You are given 21 days from the side of IRS to discharge the levy. Your bank is liable to keep the funds with it for twenty-one days and after twenty-one days it releases the same to IRS. The IRS continues to fetch amount as well as penalties and interest incurred over time. If you act fast at paying the amount you owe then you may reduce the damage and gain the control.Ooraa.org can help you in IRS bank levy problem; you must contact it without any hesitation. You must be aware of the fact why IRS utilizes the bank levy method in order to recoup the amount owed by you; it is because bank levy method is easy and quick for recovering the unpaid taxes as IRS wills to put in least effort. IRS keeps an eye on your financial condition while deciding any type of levy that they find beneficial. After 30 days of getting the notice, IRS will fetch the transaction details and latest account balance available in your bank account. If IRS finds out that sufficient funds are deposited in your account then it will order the bank to immediately freeze your account in order to recover the lost money. In case, if your account has insufficient amount, IRS will not choose a bank levy.Ooraa.org is one of the best debt consolidation services providers, besides enquiring about your bank account details, it also looks into your current professional or employment situation and see if they can utilize the method of wage garnishment. Ooraa.org is the one which is well aware of the processes followed by IRS before freezing your bank account. If the following three conditions become true, the IRS is able to levy a bank account: 

  • If the IRS has assessed that the tax amount owed by you and demanded payment on back taxes. 
  • When the tax payer doesn’t respond and fail to pay back taxes even after receiving the notice. 
  • When IRS e-mails a final notice to the taxpayer that clearly states that they are going to levy the account in thirty days. 

Ooraa.org also helps the customers with the consolidate credit card debts.For more details, visit https://ooraa.org/