maybe Tacfit Commando a little bit expensive

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what it claims it is completely inappropriate for this. This is a major problem as all the Hype and marketing clearly makes this product misleading. Its a pity really as its an interesting course that will improve flexibility, cardio and strength endurance.Does it do what it says?We believe the focus on bodyweight and cardio make it a great recovery/injury prevention programme, love the mobility training although having said that – its quite demanding on the knees in parts.Verdict – NO. The programme is inappropriate for Military type fitness tests and assessments – anyone relying on this programme will be at a huge disadvantage – in our opinion.SummarySeveral things struck me about this programme. Firstly the price. Its costly and for $137 (£84) you don’t even get the work out video – just the instructions for the execises. Considering there is no physical package – no manufacturing costs, this is very, very expensive. You really need to purchase the whole package at $197 (£130) to get the full work out videos.Verdict – Its over priced.Secondly the claims. This claims to be a programme used by the Special Forces (Yawn – heard that before – Moni Aizik and the Commando Krav Maga Scam). I don’t believe for one minute that this system would be used as an official part of any programme. However for the general public I think the programme would offer gains in mobility, cardio and muscular endurance. Think Power Yoga or dynamic Pilates crossed with circuit training. Train your body now with tacfit commando review in healthyguidesblogThirdly – I appreciate it is a bodyweight programme but it is not a balanced programme – all pushing exercises and no pulling exercises. Certainly no runs, pull ups or usual staples of military type training.In our opinion its a great programme – a great challenge or project to try but is in no way a robust stand alone programme for anyone serious about all performance based fitness. Its certainly not realistic preparation for Military fitness.