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JW Marriott Hotel is located within the National Convention Center in Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi. This is the most beautiful 5-star hotel in Hanoi and the Asia-Pacific region by International Property Media. JW Marriott Hotel by Bitexco Group has received the "Best New Design Hotel in the Asia-Pacific Region" (The Best New Hotel Construction and Design).The most impressive feature of the hotel is the unique architecture simulating the image of the "legendary dragon" on Vietnam's long coast. The design was designed by American architect Carlos Zapata who also designed the financial tower Bitexco Financial Tower in Ho Chi Minh City.The hotel in Hanoi has 9 floors with 450 rooms. In addition, the hotel also has a 2,400-square-meter workshop, including two 7-meter Ballroom rooms, a studio for senior leadership events, economic forums, as well as an indoor space. Outdoor event with European and Asian restaurant system. The campus around the hotel is quite airy, less tall buildings, traffic radiated many directions... in accordance with American security standards. The hotel has a spiral-shaped structure, located on 6.3 hectares of land, facing the lake surface, which is a sign of prosperity before open sky. On the 7th floor of this hotel there are three superior rooms, one vice president and one presidential suite. The Presidential Suite of the JW Marriott Hotel has a large area, divided into separate rooms. There are bedrooms with large glass doors to receive maximum natural light, with curtain pulls to ensure privacy, comfortable for most guests. Moreover, the JW Marriott Hanoi has earned the fondness of sophisticated guests with its sophisticated cuisine from French Grill, Crystal Jade Palace and JW Café. Dubbed the top French restaurant in Hanoi, the French Grill offers dainty traditional dishes, such as pan fried goose liver and Wagyu beef steak. What's more, guests can enjoy a glass of fine wines from the wine cellar of the restaurant with a variety of specialty wines. With a capacity of 82 guests, the private dining area with its unique design and the largest open kitchen system in Hanoi, French Grill offers a great dining experience for all guests. In addition to Western culinary options from the French Grill, guests can visit the award-winning Crystal Jade Palace, which specializes in traditional Cantonese cuisine such as Beijing roast duck, Fresh seafood and Dim Sum Hong Kong. The restaurant has 140 seats with 6 private rooms and 3 outdoor dining tables by the quiet, airy lake to ensure the most satisfying diners. JW Marriott Hanoi is also famous for its rich buffet of colorful Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese and Italian dishes from JW Café. After a hectic work day, relax by enjoying an afternoon tea at The Lounge, located in the hotel's main lobby, or soak up the lively tunes and savor delicious drinks. Made from Whiskey, Gins, Vodkas and fine wines at Antidote Bar. In addition, Spa by JW will allow you to experience the unique Vietnamese and Asian massage therapies. You can also visit the Fitness Center open 24/7 with state-of-the-art sporting facilities, a 310-degree pool and a luxurious sauna.


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Merriatt Hotel is a good


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People usually rush towards

People usually rush towards the hotel that are comfortable and luxurious because the people who afford the glamour they also want the proper offers and facilities in the hotel through the I think jw marriott is good for such people who can afford this luxury life style. It's good essay to make this choice for you and for your family.