Why Education is Necessary For Progress

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Education is the only thing which makes a country progress and tells the human beings how to live in a proper way. The individuals who live in the countries, which are not developed till now are not educated because there is no proper education system in their country and it is the main reason of why they are living a worst life. Education not only teaches about the lifestyle, but also helps in improving the health conditions. The death rate is high in the countries with the illiterate people because they don’t know how they can prevent the deadly diseases, the sanitary conditions in such countries are pathetic due to which the people fall victim to the diseases with no cure. The illiterate individuals cannot enjoy the life to its fullest because they can’t earn enough to fulfill the basic needs of their life and the family members, so it’s impossible to afford the luxuries. There are many countries with no schools, hospitals and recreational places because they don’t focus on the education and people just born, live a worst life by adopting a pathetic lifestyle and die due to a deadly disease. On the other hand, the countries with proper education system enjoy life because they know how to live healthy. My friend who provides me Custom Essay Globe Writing Help visited Somalia and he told me the facts about that place which shocked me. I think every country should pay attention to the education system, which is the only way to progress.


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You have said the right

You have said the right things here. Education is very important and i have writeen an article recently on cheap essay writing service blogs. The more literacy rate the more the countries development is depended on. So people must start thinking who ever live in rural areas, and auhtoritie smust take action by implementing schools in rmeote areas to provide them good and free education.