Use Max6mum Security Solutions to Keep Your House Safe from Burglars

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Thieves of this generation are becoming sharper and smarter by the day. Doors and window security for your home is becoming more and more necessary. The usual door locks system can only hold them off for a moment as these thieves have found out more innovative ways to get through your door security. With the crime rates growing each in the U.K. you can never be sure of the safety of your house from burglars. All this can be stopped with a few simple security solutions.Max6mum Security Company provides these security solutions of the best quality, which are easy to fit and are not expensive. They not only provide security solutions for homes but for the entire neighborhood providing secure doors and gateways for your neighborhood’s security.Sliding Doors can be secured by fitting  door security chain  which can be easily fitted onto your doors with the help of self drilling screws which provide maximum strength to your doors. This chain shall be put over waist height so that the person opening the chain does not have to bend. Available in 3 finishes, these chains are fit to use for all types of doors, whether uPVC, Wooden or Composite. These chains not only secure your doors, but also look stylish. Max6mum Security makes these door chains using strong metals which are tested under extreme conditions to prove their solidity in securing your doors. Tensile strength tests are carried out on these chains to make sure they do not break even under extreme pressure from burglars.Window security locks  are becoming more important than ever as thieves can easily open windows without making any noises and breakage to the glass of the windows. Max6mum Security provides  Sash Jammers  to keep your windows protected from the hands of the thieves. Sash Jammers provide simple security solution to your windows with just a twist of the sash jammer handle. These Sash Jammers are designed for uPVC doors and windows and come along with two jammers, self drilling screws and other fittings. These locks are tested in house and have been made through 3D printing technology to help design the product better.To know more about Max6mum Security and their range of security solutions, log onto:


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I was reading an article from

I was reading an article from the ulster-greenearc which outlined all the measures that you can take to prevent such things. It was really interesting so I would suggest you to read it.

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Aluminium windows are

Aluminium windows are available in a range of styles, from traditional to bifolding to sliding to stacking. If you would like to match your windows to the doors in your home, aluminium frames give you the freedom to do just this. doorwins Whether you use PVC products for your front door, commercial glass windows or even a French door, the product itself does not create any environmental damage and can be reused if necessary.