About Fyera

Fyera! Empowers Individuals and Organizations to Beat Stress

We create mental, emotional, physical and team coherence within you and/or your organization. Our products and training lead to an experience of peace and fulfillment, with measurable improvements to health, performance, profitability and quality of life

We offer powerful tools and technologies that help people re-program the hard drive of their nervous system to run modern day software. Our biology and psychology have not caught up to our technology. The modern lifestyle and its stressors leave most people in the developed world firing the physiological cascade of more than 1400 reactions that go to make up the body’s “stress” or “fight-flight mode” on a regular basis. This fight-flight mode was perfect when we needed to run away from saber toothed tigers, but it does not help us in traffic jams or board meetings or tests. Chronic over use of this survival mechanism can lead to depression, degenerative disease and poor performance. Reacting to an e-mail we do not like with anger is like calling an ambulance every time we want to go to the grocery store- and it burns out our vital reserves and ages us-fast!

The goals of our programs and products are to help each person create mental and emotional coherence, experience subjective peace and fulfillment, and objective health, vitality and peak performance.