The heart knows, heals, creates, celebrates

What We Do

At Fyera! we empower individuals, organizations and nations to beat stress by creating mental, emotional, physical and team coherence. This leads to an experience of peace and fufillment, with measurable improvements to health, performance, profitability and quality of life.

Our Methods


Developed by the Institute of Heartmath®in over 15 years of peer reviewed scientific research, our methods include individual coaching, organizational training, and interactive stress relief technologies that empower those we work with to optimize their quality of life and perform at their best through access to heart intelligence.

Who We Serve

  • Health Care practitioners and patients
  • Executives and small business owners
  • Students
  • Performers
  • Athletes
  • Small Clinics and Hospitals
  • Small businesses and corporations
  • Rotary clubs and volunteer groups
  • Governmental Agencies
  • NGOs and Non-profits